About Margie Kay

Margie Kay is the daughter of a Wizard. She was born with natural psychic abilities and through study, meditation, and training directly from spirit guides and star beings, has developed expanded awareness and skills. Margie is clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant. She sees inside the human body using X-ray vision she was given in 1985 by Valiant Thor.  Margie has helped law enforcement and private investigators solve over 50 cases and she is now known as an international psychic detective.

Kay is the CEO of a fire investigation company and chimney restoration contracting company. Kay has served on numerous national boards and is considered to be an expert in her field(s), teaching professionals how to do their job better. Margie is the publisher of two magazines and has written 12 books. She is currently working on two documentaries and three books.

Margie is the Director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group, Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON, host of Un-X News Radio show on kgraradio.com, and publisher of Un-X News Magazine. She has been interviewed on numerous radio shows including Jeff Rense, Jimmy Church, Brian Grady, Joe Montaldo, and others and had appeared on the TV shows Hangar 1 and Strange, as well as CNN news.

Margie uses both sides of her brain equally, which is out of the norm, and her IQ has increased along with her awareness. Until now, Margie has not shared all of her abilities with the public.

Margie was instructed by her spirits guides that “Now is The Time”—in other words, now is the time for her to share with others how they can reach their full potential. It is time to awaken the planet, and as a part of this movement, Margie has been assigned to develop a hands-on workshop in order to teach others what they need to know to move forward more quickly, expand their mind, and activate their dormant DNA.


· How to protect yourself from negative energies

· How to attract money, health, and well-being

· Find out about the chakra system and how to keep it open and healthy

· How to repair your DNA

· Increase prosperity and attract positive things and people to yourself

· How to correct health issues

· Discover the seven bodies and what each one does
· Balance both sides of your brain
· Deep meditation levels
· Learn how to “see” better with your third eye
· Communicate using telepathy 
· Use color and music to improve health, meditation, productivity, and learning
· Connect with your Star Being Family and facilitate transition to human life
· Connect with and identify your Spirit Guides
· Secrets of Crop Circles
· See your past lives and future potential through light hypnotic regression
· Learn to connect with the Matrix
· Use special techniques to activate dormant DNA to increase knowledge and skills
· See your true self
· Learn how to see extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional crafts
· Find out about other dimensions
· Use dowsing to find objects, locate unseen visitors, communicate, and heal
· Use universal energy to heal yourself and others
· See energy fields, spirits, guides, star people, portals, and more
· Learn how to use stones and crystals to improve your life
· Open your mind to new and wonderful possibilities
· Learn how to Remote View
· Secrets of Ley Lines and Earth Grid

And more!


You will learn:


Advanced Mind Expansion and Remote Viewing Classes

A  journey to awareness and enlightenment for seekers of advanced esoteric knowledge