Alien hand reaching out. UFO futuristic concept. 3d rendering. © chagpg

Class held several times per year - inquire if you would like to have this class at your next event.

Meditation and telepathy practice before we start - get your brain ready for higher dimension communication
Learn how to communicate with Extraterrestrials through telepathy  
​Find out what higher vibration ETs can do for you and your family
We will ask our ET guides to make themselves known in the sky
We will ask them to appear in front of us 
I will do a channeling session to look at your guides and listen to them - and ask if they have messages for you
I will do a contact session prior to this event to ask our ET guides to be ready and show up for us!
We will do a drumming circle to call in the ETs 

Bring these items with you: Insect repellent, camping chair, notebook and pen, colored pencils and drawing pad, and if you like: camera and/or video camera, bright flashlight to use for communication, flashlight with red lens to use to see the ground with, and drum if you have one. Explorers percussion on Wornall Rd. in KC has a large selection of drums in all sizes. I will also have a few available. 

I will have my night vision monocular on site for everyone to try out. This must be used in a very dark location. You will be amazed at what you can see with this!

Margie Kay
Independence, MO 64050
Office: 833-461-1114

ET Communication Class & Workshop

​Learn how to contact benevolent Extraterrestrials