$50.00 per person or $90.00 for two people. We will be using Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide in class. If you don't have a copy, you may purchase one on site or on Amazon.com. Must be registered in advance.

Register and pay via Pay Pal to assure your seat.

​Class limited to 10 people. If more people wish to register we will add a second date. 

No one under the age of 18 allowed. 

ITEX members, contact Margie at margiekay06@yahoo.com to make payment arrangements.

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Learn about the biggest UFO Sightings and close encounters in Kansas CIty history in this powerful powerpoint presentation by Margie Kay. You'll be amazed at the events and evidence, and you'll be a believer when the presentation is finished. 1.5 - 2 hours. 

Available anywhere. 

​Please contact Margie at margiekay06@yahoo.com for more information. 

Margie Kay has spoken at over 100 conferences nationwide. She is available to teach classes at conferences and meetings across the U.S.   

Kay has presented lectures at national conferences and local meetings in the construction and paranormal fields including the Mysteries of the Universe Conference, Paracon, Paranomacon, MUFON events, the Dowsing Society, the Psychical Research Society, Psychic Studies Institute, Unity on the Plaza, and more. 

This is the haunted house we will be investigating: 

Margie Kay has appeared on numerous radio programs including Jeff Rense, Alejandro Rojas, Joe Montaldo, Race Hobbs, Gil Wilson, and more. She has appeared on KMOX, WDAF, KCTV 5, Fox 4, and CNN. Margie was the subject of an episode of a Hangar 1 Television show which covered her investigations in the Blue Springs Lights and an animal mutilation case in Missouri, and appeared in the pilot episode of the TV show, Strange. 

For more information, visit the Bio page 

​​​Learn from one of best known paranormal experts in the U.S.!

Ghost Hunting 201 Class at a Very Haunted House

September and October, 2019

with Margie Kay and the QUEST Paranormal Team 

This is one of the MOST haunted locations in the greater Kansas City area. The house was built in 1906 and is where a famous actress was born in 1911. Her mother rented the house for four years, and there have been multiple renters and owners of the property since. We have heard the voices of several spirits through a spirit box. There is constant activity here and it may be the location of three untimely murders, and other entities. Find out more fascinating details at the event! 

Hone your ghost hunting skills in this class. Learn about techniques and equipment to use on ghost hunts, protection methods, dowsing for ghosts, evidence of a haunting, and find out where the best sites are in the greater Kansas City area to find ghosts.

We will use Margie's book, Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide, in class. You will have access to our equipment or bring your own equipment as desired, such as cameras, night vision, EMF meter, etc. and dowsing rods or pendulum, which we will use in class and on the hunt. Also bring a flashlight with a red lens. We will have rods and pendulums available for sale at the class if you need them.

Location: 100 W Moore Street, Independence, MO
Park in the Hub Cycle parking lot, then meet at the house. 

Limited to 10 people only!

Conference Speaker

The Kansas City UFO Flaps Presentation

Ghost Hunting201

Haunted Independence

Number of Attendees

This is the haunted house we will investigate

Margie Kay

Presentation by Margie Kay.

Available to groups in the KC area.

In this presentation, Margie talks about the most haunted locations in the Independence area and beyond. Margie discusses the investigations conducted by Un-X Paranormal Investigation Group and her own very haunted house. Prepare to be scared. 

Please contact Margie at margiekay06@yahoo.com for more information.