Remote Viewing Workshop

August 14, 21, & 28, 2022


3 pm to 5 pm each day

Location: VFW Hall

5904 Crystal Ave, Kansas City, MO 64129, USA

Learn from one of the best Remote Viewers worldwide!

  • Increase Psychic Abilities
  • Different Meditation Techniques and how to go into deep Meditation
  • Remote Viewing Techniques
  • Reaching a Higher Level of Vibration/Consciousness
  • Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligences
  • Seeing and Connecting with Energy/plants/trees/elementals
  • Seeing Inter-dimensional portals, craft, and extraterrestrials

The course includes The Remote Viewing Workbookand all supplies, plus water, tea, or soda at each session. Please do not bring food or drink into the hall. No one under age 21. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so we can start on time. No video or audio recording allowed. Participants must do homework assignments in order to increase their vibratory rate and have a successful outcome. Bring a notebook and pen to take notes.

$150.00 per person for the course includes the book

All sessions will be recorded so if you miss a session you may access it online at a later date. 

If a session is canceled for any reason we will move it to a later date.

Instructor: Margie Kay

See Margie's Bio

We are creating an online version of this course which will be available after this workshop is completed.

Location of workshops:

Master Dowsing Class

October 2, 2022
3:00-5:00 pm
Location: VFW Hall
5904 Crystal Ave, Kansas City, MO 64129, USA

Using dowsing to communicate with guides, find objects, water, or minerals, find problem areas in the body, locate ley lines and portals, find locations of health issues in the body, and much more.

Includes Margie's new book The Master Dowser's Chart Book and a pendulum.

Bring your own dowsing rods or a pair of wire hangers.

Includes, water, tea, or soda

$50.00 pp

No refunds or exchanges, but if you cannot attend a class you may send someone in your place.