Margie's Books:

Haunted Independence Missouri

Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide

The Remote Viewing Workbook

Winged Aliens

The Kansas City UFO Flaps

The Fast Movers

Haunted Independence, Missouri

A Sonoma County Phenomenon

Rules for Goddesses

The Master Dowser's Chart Book

50th Anniversary of the SE Missouri Ozarks UFO Flap

Mandala Meditation Adult Coloring Book

THOR: The Extraterrestrial on Earth (COMING SOON)

Margie also wrote chapters for books for OPUS and the Consciousness and Contact Institute


“Everyone is psychic; it's just a matter of activating the PSI center of the brain.” 
― Margie Kay

Margie Kay is a Licensed Private Investigator, Paranormal and UFO Investigator, accomplished Remote Viewer, certified sound healer, musician, Reiki Master, and author. She is clairsentient (feels), clairaudient (hears), clairvoyant (sees), telepathic, and has synesthesia (hears color and sees music and more). Kay is one of the best remote viewers in the world. 

Margie is the owner and CEO of HearthMasters, Inc. which owns the KUNX Digital Broadcasting Network with over 30 paranormal shows, and Un-X Media. Kay is the host of Un-X News Radio/Podcast where she interviews international researchers and authors. She is also a popular radio and TV show guest. 

Margie has become extremely proficient at seeing inside the body, which she calls a "P-Scan," (psychic scan). She does intuitive medical diagnosis and is able to see inflammation, infection, disease, missing organs (from surgery), broken bones, implants, and more; even on a microscopic level. Due to time constraints, she does private readings in the late afternoons and some weekends, and does talks and demonstrations for large groups and conventions, where she always amazes the audience with her abilities. Note: Margie is not a trained health professional. This is for entertainment only.

Kay uses her natural remote viewing (RV) abilities to assist law enforcement, private investigators, and private individuals. She does not use CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) as most others do that work in this field, having become proficient using her own methods. Margie has been instrumental in solving over 66 missing person, homicide, and theft cases using her unique remote viewing abilities, which she has honed over the years with amazing results. She has also worked as a private undercover investigator for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), where she learned some of the "normal" tricks of the trade.

Kay is the author of Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide; Haunted Independence, Missouri; A Sonoma County Phenomenon; The Kansas City UFO Flaps; Winged Aliens; and other books on various topics. She is working on three film documentaris and more books. Future titles will include such topics as law enforcement and psychics, and her autobiography.  Margie is the owner of Un-X Media Publishing and publishes the Un-X Magazine, her own books, and books for others.

Margie is the Director of the OZ Interdimensional Communication Institute, which focuses on teaching people how to access their PSI center, do remote viewing, increase their psychic abilities, and communicate with extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional intelligences.

She also serves as the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON and serves on the MUFON Experiencer Resource Team. She has conducted over 550 UFO investigations for MUFON, and over 1,700 paranormal and UFO investigations on her own.  Margie uses standard scientific investigation methods and equipment for research, and relies on remote viewing to clarify what may have occurred.

Margie is also a UFO/ET experiencer, and has had her own close encounters with UFOs and Extraterrestrials, which will be published soon in a new book.

Kay has appeared on numerous radio programs including Jeff Rense, Jimmy Church, Coast-to-Coast AM with Cheryll Jones and George Noory, Hiedi Hollis, Alejandro Rojas, Joe Montaldo, Race Hobbs, Gil Wilson, and more. She has appeared on KMOX, WDAF, KCTV 5, Fox 4, KMBC, and CNN.

Margie was the subject of the episode "UFO Hot Spots" in the Hangar 1 television show which covered her investigations in the Blue Springs Lights and an animal mutilation case in Missouri. She has appeared on Ancient Aliens; UFO Witness with Ben Hansen on the Travel Channel; and was featured in the pilot episode of the TV show "Strange".  Margie also appeared in the documentary film "Cahokia: The Untold Story" by Journey to Truth. She was offered a job as a host of a TV show but turned it down due to time constraints.

Margie Kay is a popular speaker at conventions and meetings across the U.S.  She has spoken at over 200 events including the Arkansas Paranormal Expo; The Geneseo, Kansas UFO Festival; Mysteries of the Universe Conference; X-Con; The Missouri MUFON Conference; The Spirit and Paranormal Fair; The Psychic Studies Group; The Psychical Research Society; The Dowsing Society; Midwest Conference eon the Unknown; Kansas Library System; Missouri Library System; Missouri MUFON; Kansas City MUFON; Columbia MUFON; St. Louis MUFON; Nebraska UFO Studies Group, Denver MUFON; The Piedmont UFO Festival, and many more. 

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