Chakra Balancing Workshop

ON DEMAND - click on the button to watch at your convenience

Learn different techniques for balancing the chakra system in the body. Remove negative energies from past lives and current relationships and understand what each chakra system does and how it affects the spiritual and physical body. 

Margie will explain how to see the chakras and work on yourself and others to open and balance chakras using different methodologies. ​
$30 pp.  Online now

Master Dowsing Workshop
ON-DEMAND - watch at your convenience

Learn how to use a pendulum and dowsing rods to locate missing items, find your way if lost, locate ghosts or extraterrestrials, locate problem areas in the body, find issues with vehicles, and find hidden treasure, water, minerals, and more in this unique workshop. Use methods that have better results. Have the following handy: pendulum, dowsing rods, two wire hangers, paper or notebook, and pen. 

$39 pp

Includes a  PDF version of the Master Dowsing Chart Book. Be sure to send your mailing address and phone number to 




More workshops coming soon! 

Reiki Healing 

Working with stone and crystal beings

Communicating with elementals: sprits, fairies, elves, leprechauns (Yes, they are real!)

Psychic Protection Workshop

Virtual On-Demand. Watch anytime!

Be prepared before going into a haunted site, a crowd of people anywhere, or any new place. Learn how to put up a protective energy field and what to carry with you at all times to ward off negative energies, thought forms, negative spirits and more by using Margie Kay’s methods. Find out how to send negative thoughts or energy back where they came from, and how to avoid psychic attack. Everyone needs to know these techniques, especially ghost hunters!  

$30 pp 

With Margie Kay

· How to attract money, health, and well-being

· Increase prosperity and attract positive things and people to yourself

· How to correct health issues

· Discover the seven bodies and chakras and what each one does
· Balance both sides of your brain
· Deep meditation levels and practice
· Learn how to “see” better with your third eye
· Communicate using telepathy 
· Connect with your Star Being Family and facilitate transition to human life
· Connect with and identify your Spirit Guides
· Secrets of Crop Circles
· See your past lives and future potential through light hypnotic regression
· Learn to connect with the Matrix
· Use special techniques to activate dormant DNA to increase knowledge and skills
· See your true self
· Learn how to see extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional craft
· Find out about other dimensions
· Use universal energy to heal yourself and others
· See energy fields, spirits, guides, star people, portals, and more
· Learn how to use stones and crystals to improve your life
· Open your mind to new and wonderful possibilities
· Learn how to Remote View
· Secrets of Ley Lines and Earth Grid and more!


Psychic Protection

Workshops at the OZ Institute
Live and On-Demand

A journey to awareness and enlightenment for seekers of advanced esoteric knowledge
All Workshops are on ZOOM. A link will be sent the day before the workshop.
Ages 18 and over only

​LIVE Saturday July 27, Aug 3, Aug 10, Aug 17
1 pm am to 5 pm each day
​On ZOOM - LIVE interactive class! Minimum 10 attendees.
These sessions will be recorded so after the live sessions you may watch them anytime.

Learn ancient secrets to improve your life in this intensive workshop.  Sessions will be recorded, so if you miss one or more you can access it later. Includes the following: PDF versions of The Remote Viewing Workbook, The Master Dowser's Chart Book, and the Dream/Meditation Journal. 18 and over only. Hard copies are available at Amazon and LULU.  $399 pp

​Available on -demand after the live event

 Healing with Music


January, 2025

Remote Viewing Workshop and Certificate $399.00  
​Minimum 10 attendees.
Includes the PDF version of the Remote Viewing Workbook and the Master Dowser's Chart Book.
Find out from one of the world’s most accomplished remote viewers how she uses the NRV (Natural Remote Viewing) method to remote view people, places, and events. Margie Kay has helped to solve over 68 homicides, thefts, and missing person cases for law enforcement and private investigators and has done over 3,000 personal readings for individuals. She was given this gift by an extraterrestrial in 1985, and has the ability to see inside the human body, even on a cellular level to do medical diagnosis. She also sees inside machinery and vehicles to find problems, and has used this ability to work on paranormal and UFO investigations. Kay’s method is very different than standard remote viewing taught by others and does not require the assistance of another person. If you want to improve your psychic and RV abilities, this workshop is for you. If you’ve taken this course before and want a refresher, the price is $198.00

​Registration will be open soon

Advanced Esoteric Knowledge Workshop 

Healing with Music Workshop

On ZOOM.   

For musicians and the general public. Find out what music is all about and what happens to members of the audience when they hear your music. Margie Kay had an extraordinary experience when she was 17 years old that showed her what music does to the human body. Margie has been a musician for 56 years, and combined with her exceptional psychic abilities, she sees subtle energies and their effects. learn how you can use music for healing. 

$30 pp. 

​Online soon