The Pineal Gland

If you've read my book The Remote Viewing Workbook or taken the Remote Viewing Workshop, you know that Floride is the number one reason for Pineal Gland calcification. The pineal gland is the psychic center of the brain. When it is calcified the brain loses function and a person becomes less aware. A calcified pineal gland will limit your potential as a human being. 

I'm not going to get into the conspiracy about this because so much information is available on the internet and in books. But I am going to tell how to decalcify the pineal gland:

To decalcify the pineal gland:

1: Eliminate certain foods and water from your diet.

2: Remove existing pineal calcification.

Fluoride is in tap water and other substances

Avoid tap water since most of it contains fluoride. Instead drink purified or spring water or use a filter that gets rid of flouride.

Use toothpaste without fluoride like Tom's. Regular toothpaste contains fluoride, which goes to the pineal gland and causes it to calcify. To avoid cavities and gum disease, use a mouth biotic such as Pro-Dental chews. 


Drink water with fresh squeezed lemon in it (about 1/4 lemon per 12 oz glass) throughout the day. This works quickly to decalcify the pineal gland and you may notice a difference soon after starting this routine.  It is also good for the digestive system. Also eat organic food.  Do not eat processed food or unhealthy fast-food. You'll likely have to prepare most of your own meals. You may wish to consider growing your own vegetables and fruits to be sure you are getting organic food. 

Eat anything that has a high quantity of antioxidants such as raw cocoa, blueberries, and blackberries.

Supplement with calcium, Iodine, magnesium, and manganese. You may wish to take a vitamin/mineral/trace mineral supplement daily. Iodine removes sodium fluoride from the body, as well as other toxins from the body. Be sure to consult a healthcare professional about supplements.