Margie Kay is interviewed by Andrew Hall on Dead Hand Radio


Topics: Remote viewing, encounters with ETs and spirits, doing investigations. Watch anytime.

2024 Appearances

February 3, 2024 2 pm - 4 pm Central Time on ZOOM
Healing with Music
For musicians and the general public. Find out what music is all about and what happens to members of the audience when they hear music.  $30 pp. 

​March 9, 2024  2 - 4 pm Central time  on ZOOM
Chakra Balancing Workshop 
Learn different techniques for balancing the chakra system in the body. Remove negative energies from past lives and current relationships and understand what each chakra system does and how it affects the spiritual and physical body.  $30 pp Register at

March 25, 2024 Master Dowsing Workshop
Learn how to use a pendulum and dowsing rods to locate missing items, find your way if lost, locate ghosts or extraterrestrials, locate problem areas in the body, find issues with vehicles, and find hidden treasure, water, minerals, and more in this unique workshop. Use methods that have better results. Have the following handy: pendulum, dowsing rods, two wire hangers, paper or notebook, and pen. Register at least three weeks in advance in order to receive the printed book in time. $99 pp Register at

​​Apr 8-9: Speaker at the Piedmont UFO Festival, Piedmont, MO

​April 8-9: Speaker at the Mountain Home UFO Festival, Missouri

April 16, 2024: Guest on the Curious Realm Podcast with Chris Jordan

​April 17, 2024: Guest on The OutReal with Michelle Derochers
The Outer Realm - Margie Kay - Winged Aliens (

May 13 - 16: Speaker at the Journey to Truth Conference: Rebels of Disclosure in Grafton, Illinois.

www. JourneyToTruth.Com

July 6, 2024: Speaker at the Geneseo Kansas UFO Festival

Geneseo Kansas Museum

June 1 -2: Advanced Esoteric Workshop over two days
Live on Zoom (see the workshop page for more information)

September 6 - 13, 2024: Margie is a guest speaker on the Contact at Sea Cruise

visit for more information.  

October 11-13:  X-Con 2024 
Unexplained Phenomena: Paranormal - UAPs - Cryptids. 
Oasis Hotel and Conference Center, Springfield, Missouri

January, 2025 TBA
Remote Viewing Workshop with Margie Kay
Includes the PDF version of the Remote Viewing Workbook and the Master Dowser's Chart Book. Find out from one of the world’s most accomplished remote viewers how she uses the NRV (Natural Remote Viewing) method to remote view people, places, and events. Margie Kay has helped to solve over 68 homicides, thefts, and missing person cases for law enforcement and private investigators and has done over 3,000 personal readings for individuals. She was given this gift by an extraterrestrial in 1985, and has the ability to see inside the human body, even on a cellular level to do medical diagnosis. She also sees inside machinery and vehicles to find problems, and has used this ability to work on paranormal and UFO investigations. Kay’s method is very different than standard remote viewing taught by others and does not require the assistance of another person. $399 pp Register in advance


Fridays at 6:00 pm Central Time Margie hosts the UnX News  Show/Podcast where she interviews top investigators, filmmakers, scientists, and authors.

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Interview on Journey to Truth Podcast:

The Fringe Radio Show
Published on Aug 10, 2015

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Margie Kay was a guest on StarSpeak with Maureen Richmond, PhD. Maureen read Margie's chart and connected it to significant UFO events. 

Margie was interviewed on 3PNR with Adam Rodriguez on Sept 8, 2022 

Margie Kay, Bill Spicer, and Wayne Lawrence are interviewed by Andrew Hall on Dead Hand Radio


Topics: High-speed UFOs can be captured on film and seen with the naked eye. Watch anytime.

Interview at the MUFON symposium 2014.

Older Interviews on podcasts and radio shows: 

Published on Feb 21, 2017

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Margie Kay appeared in the episode Nordics and The Cube on UFO Witness with Ben Hansen on the Travel Channel