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Fade to BLACK
Published on Feb 14, 2017

Tonight Margie Kay joins us for the first time...and we talk about her life and career...she is a contactee...but she also is an RVer who is one of the leading people in the field who assists in criminal investigations with law enforcement agencies from all around the world. She has solved many cases and we discuss them in the first hour

The Fringe Radio Show
Published on Aug 10, 2015

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Margie Kay, Bill Spicer, and Wayne Lawrence are interviewed by Andrew Hall on Dead Hand Radio


Topics: High-speed UFOs can be captured on film and seen with the naked eye. Watch anytime.

Interview at the MUFON symposium 2014.

Published on Feb 21, 2017

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October 29, 2021

Coast to Coast AM

Margie was interviewed by Cheryll Jones and George Noory in the second half of the show. She discusses UFOs, remote viewing, and the Kansas City Mothman. Listen to the archived show:

October 31, 2021
Launch of the new KUNX db Network!

Join Margie and Race at at  7 pm CST for exciting news!

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March 19-27, 2022
CANCELLED due to COVID, will be in 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada
Margie Kay presents a Remote Viewing workshop for UFO Investigators at this event in person.

April 22-23, 2022
Margie speaks at the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference:

Interactions with a Sasquatch Clan. This presentation is available for other groups.

April 29, 2022
Heidi Hollis with Coast to Coast AM Interviewed Margie about her Sasquatch Encounters

May 13-14, 2022
X-CON Virtual Conference

UnX Media hosts the X Conference in Kansas City, Missouri on ZOOM. Registration is now open. Hear about Aliens, UFOs, Sasquatch, Ghosts, Haunted sites, and more over two days with top researchers and authors! Margie Kay will be discussing Thor, the Extraterrestrial visiting Earth.

Spirit and Paranormal Fair
Vendors - Readers - Speakers
Margie Kay will be speaking at each of these events:
July 23-24  Branson, Missouri
Sept 23-25  Independence, MO
Nov 12-13  Columbia, Missouri
More information

Strange Tales Midwest Conference on the Unknown
August 5 - 7, 2022
Cape Girardeau, MO
Margie speaks at this event.

She will have a table and books available on site.
Watch for more information coming soon!

Mystery School Coursewith Margie Kay
August 14- October 2, 2022
Sundays at 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
VFW Hall
Kansas City, Missouri
See more information

October 29-10, 2022
Arkansas Paranormal Expo
MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History
503 E Ninth
Little Rock, Arkansas
9 am to 5 pm both days
Margie will present Winged Aliens and The Fast Movers


Past Shows:

February 27, 2021
Enigmatic Anomalies
Margie is a guest on Enigmatic Anomalies with Teri Lynge  - open to MUFON members at

March 8, 2021
Vegas Supernatural: Monday March 8th, 2021 at 5 P.M. Pacific/7 P.M. Central/8 P.M. Eastern LIVE for two hours on Vegas Supernatural on with Shawn Whittington. Or listen to the archive.

June 6 - 2021
Margie presents The Winged Aliens at the OZ UFO Virtual Conference. Many other great speakers!  Ian Punnett is the keynote. $59 for the two-day event

June 20, 2021
Interview on Chasing Prophesy Radio

July 2, 2021
Missouri MUFON World UFO Day meeting, introduction to MUFON, Skywatch headed by Margie Kay who will conduct a Quantum Telepathic Communication with ETs at that time.

September 3, 2021
Paranormal Ministry with Sean Whittington

September 10-12, 2021
KC Spirit & Paranormal Fair
Margie will do two presentations:The Kansas City UFO Flaps and Remote Viewing at the KC Spirit & Paranormal Fair and will have a booth under UnX Media where she will have her books available.
Independence Masonic Lodge, 120 S Pleasant, Independence, Missouri
Tickets · $6 - $15

September 15, 2021
Spaced Out Radio with Dave Scott: Ghosts of the Great White North
Margie was a guest on this Canadian program for 2 1/2 hours and she discussed her paranormal experiences and encounters with ghosts and ETs, remote viewing, and much more.

September 21, 2021
Whats Yer Weird Story

Episode 194
Who the Heck is Thor?

October 11, 2021
Vegas Supernatural Radio Show with Shawn Whittington
Margie is a guest on this live program along with co-authors Bill Spicer and Wayne Lawrence. They discuss their book The Fast Movers.
8:00 pm CST

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Margie Kay is interviewed by Andrew Hall on Dead Hand Radio


Topics: Remote viewing, encounters with ETs and spirits, doing investigations. Watch anytime.

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