Schedule a Reading Session:

Private Readings for Individuals

Margie Kay is available to do private readings for people on ZOOM or by phone. These must be done on a weekend because Margie runs her businesses during the day.

How it works:

1. Please to the bookstore page and pay for a reading via Pay Pal.

2. Send an email to or fill out the form below to set up a date and time for your reading, which will be for 30 minutes. Margie is very fast and can usually get all the information you need in that time. Sometimes she will receive messages later during meditation and will send you an email with that information at a later date. Due to Margie's busy schedule it could take up to two weeks to get your reading, and this is only done on the weekends on ZOOM.

3. Do not tell Margie anything about yourself or any issues you may have. She likes to work with a blank slate to start with. If you are requesting a health reading, she first looks at your exterior energy field. Next, if you wish, she will scan your entire body inside looking at the bones, organs, and blood to see if there is anything that needs attention. She will let you know what she finds, then you can discuss any health issues and she will go further into this by contacting your guides and asking your body what it needs. Disclaimer: this is for entertainment purposes only as Margie is not a trained health professional. 

3. You may ask questions about any subject after the initial scan.

Take notes or record the meeting so you can refer to it at a later date.

Margie will only do two readings per person per year due to the heavy demand she has, but you can be assured that the most important information you need will be taken care of during a session.