Emergency Phone or Text: 816-365-9492

This line is for urgent emergency situations such as a missing person only. Do not call for regular readings. 

If you are calling for a missing person case please put URGENT in the email subject line if sending an email.   

Personal Reading by Margie Kay:

Margie will do a private 30-minute reading for you by phone. She goes into a trance state, then usually does a health scan first by Remote Viewing your energy field, then the physical body including bones, organs, and blood. The very important things will become apparent first. Then Margie will contact your spirit guides and ask them if they have any messages for you. Finally, you may ask questions and Margie will seek the answers. Please write down a list of questions prior to your reading time.  Send your name, birthday and month, and address to Margiekay06@yahoo.com, so that she can tune into your energy.

Send an email and we will send you an invoice via Pay Pal. Weekends only. Margie travels and does speaking engagements so is not available all weekends. Price: $100.00 U.S. ​