Margie Kay is available to do remote viewing for Law Enforcement working on kidnapping or missing person cases, or unsolved theft or homicide cases. 

She is not doing any in-person readings at this time.

How it works:

1. Send an email to or call 816-833-1302 (office) or send a text to 816-365-9492 to arrange for a ZOOM or phone appointment. If this is a recent missing person please CALL IMMEDIATELY.

2. Do not tell Margie anything about the case in advance so she has a blank slate to work with. She will ask for one or two pieces of information at that time and will work with that first to try to see what has occurred. She sometimes sees things from the victim's point of view, other times she sees an overall view of the event in question.

3. Margie does not charge for this service. She will only do this if you agree not to use her name on any reports, interviews, etc. She wishes to remain completely anonymous and does not desire any publicity because if the bad guys find out about it they may try to harm her. Margie has helped to solve over 60 cases to date. She is extremely accurate and usually gets the information you need very quickly. Please take all of the credit for solving the case. 

Note: Margie is a licensed private investigator in Missouri under her real name Margaret Padgitt.

Remote Viewing for Law Enforcement