Remote Viewing Workshop​
For Law Enforcement, Private Investigators
UFO and Paranormal Investigators

This workshop focuses on activating the PSI center of the brain in order to allow an individual to remote view anything in the past, which could lead to clues that can solve cases.

Anyone doing any type of investigation work will benefit by taking this workshop.

"Awesome Workshop that Margie teaches. I took it last year and I can personally advocate that she is excellent at facilitating this remote viewing as it most definitely opens your abilities and open up your innate psychic or intuitive self."  Corae Hack

Virtual Online Training Sessions available soon!
Attend from anywhere!

​No matter what your skill level, you can hone your skills as a remote-viewer and practice hands-on with one of the top remote-viewers in the U.S.  Margie Kay has helped solve over 58 crimes and has done thousands of readings using her unique abilities. She will share her knowledge with you over the course of the workshop. 

Increase your sixth sense, find out what physical issues are keeping your psychic center from working property, learn how to meditate and access the part of the mind that is used for RV effectively, learn to remote-view events or objects that are near or far including outside locations and internal body organs, animals, and more, learn how to use RV to solve crimes and unsolved mysteries.
We will practice Remote-Viewing in this intensive workshop. Be prepared to learn a lot of information in a short period of time. By using the techniques in this class you will greatly improve your abilities!

The Remote-Viewing Workbook is required for this class available at You will also need a standard deck of cards.

Schedule this workshop for your group by contacting us at

Margie Kay is a licensed private investigator in Missouri, and she specializes in missing person, homicide, and theft cases as well as UFO sightings. 


An Evening with Margie Kay

Margie will entertain and dumbfound your audience with her unique ability to scan anyone and give detailed information about their work, health, messages from deceased loved ones, and things they should pay attention to. Margie shares her amazing story about how she obtained these abilities, then does random readings for people in front of everyone.  This is the real deal - no trickery involved. Margie is one of the most accurate remote viewers in the world and your audience will be convinced of this after the very first live reading.  Contact us for more information. 

Two Women and a Map:

Margie Kay and Jean Walker have teamed up to do paranormal investigations in the Midwest region. Ask about how you can have them speak at your next meeting or conference.  Jean Walker is the Section Director for Kansas City MUFON and wrote the book "Family Secrets."  Margie and Jean have had some pretty strange encounters while on the road - some that even they can't believe! Contact us for more information.

Learn from one of best paranormal experts in the U.S.!

Ghost Hunting 101 Workshop

Group workshop available for conferences and meetings in the U.S.

Hone your ghost hunting skills in this class. Whether you area a novice or seasoned ghost hunter, this class is for you! Learn about techniques and equipment to use on ghost hunts, protection methods, dowsing for ghosts, evidence of a haunting, how to communicate with ghosts telepathically, how to get evidence of a haunting, and find out where the best sites are in your area to find ghosts. 

Includes Margie's book "Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide" for each student, which we will use in class (a $20 value). You will have access to our equipment or bring your own equipment as desired, such as cameras, night vision, Tri-Field meter, EMF meter, etc. Bring dowsing rods and a pendulum, which we will use in class and on the hunt. Also bring a flashlight with a red lens. We will have rods and pendulums available for sale at the class if you need them. This workshop can be 2 hours to 6 hours in length, and geared to your needs.

Send us an
email if you are interested in having Margie teach this workshop at your event. 

Ghost Hunting


​​ Remote Viewing Workshop

Starting April 27, and May 4, 2024

Two Saturdays:

1 pm to 5 pm each day

Learn from one of the best Remote Viewers worldwide!

  • Increase Psychic Abilities
  • Activate the PSI Center of the brain
  • Different Meditation Techniques and how to go into deep Meditation
  • Remote Viewing Techniques
  • Reaching a Higher Level of Vibration/Consciousness
  • Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligences
  • Seeing and Connecting with Energy/plants/trees/elementals
  • Seeing Inter-dimensional portals, craft, and extraterrestrials

$399.00per person for the course. If taking for a second time the cost is $198.00
 a free PDF version of the Mandala Meditation Adult Coloring Book and the Remote Viewing Workbook, which we will use in class. 

Day 1: Introduction to Remote Viewing

Day 2: Deep Meditation Levels: Multiple techniques to meditate at a deeper level, where access to the PSI center of the brain is activated

Day 3: Contact with Inter-dimensional beings

Day 4: Take your psychic abilities to the next level

Stay home and attend a workshop! 

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If a session is canceled for any reason, we will move it to a later date.
If you miss a session, you may watch it later on-demand.

The Remote Viewing Workbook is required for this course. Purchase a hard copy at 
or dowload a PDF copy at

Also needed: 

Notebook and pen
A quiet place with no distractions

High-speed internet connection (connect directly to your router for the best connection)

A Penny and three plastic cups

Dowsing rods or wire hangers

A pendulum or heavy necklace

Have someone hide something of value in your house if possible.

Coloring pencils

Instructor: Margie Kay

See Margie's Bio

The Kansas City UFO Flaps Presentation by Margie Kay

Have Margie at your next conference or meeting and your audience will be amazed at the number of UFO sightings that have occurred in the greater Kansas City area over the past 100 years. Margie gives in-depth information about many of the sightings, close encounters, missing time, and possible abduction events that have occurred in this major UFO hotspot in the U.S. Contact us to make arrangements via ZOOM or in person.